Pictures of My House

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21 April, 2001

I've had the interior (some of it) painted.  So I've now divided part of this into a before and after section.  The "before" pictures were taken in February on an overcast day, and the "after" pictures were taken on a bright afternoon in April after all the foliage has started turning green, so there are more than just superficial differences.

Here are the pictures of stuff that haven't changed since I took them back in February:

Exterior Exterior, Front - Showing side-entrance garage Exterior, Front - Neighborhood, Left Exterior, Front - Neighborhood, Right
Foyer Hall, Towards Kitchen Foyer Stairway Foyer Overlook Kitchen from Foyer Hallway
Kitchen from Breakfast Area Sunroom from Inside Backyard from Patio Exterior, Back - House from Far Corner of Yard
Hallway to bedroom 4, Laundry doors Hallway to Master Suite, Bathroom 2, and 2 guest rooms Laundry Closet (grease on walls) Bedroom 2
Bedroom 2 Foyer Chandelier from Top of Stairway Floored Attic Foyer Chandelier from Overlook


Now, here are the things I've changed.  On the left is what it looked like when I first took the pictures.  On the right is what it looks like after I had it painted.  The pictures aren't so great in a couple of places.  For instance, in the master bath and in the formerly lavender bedroom.  As I said, it was a bright day when I took the pictures, and the bright light streaming through the windows made the pictures darker than they are in real life.  The master bath is the same light green as the family room, and the formerly lavender bedroom is the same antique white as bathroom 2.  You just can't tell much.

BEFORE: Family & Dining room AFTER: Family & Dining room
BEFORE: Dining Room from family room AFTER: Dining Room from family room
BEFORE: Family Room from Dining room AFTER: Family Room from dining room
BEFORE: Master Bedroom AFTER: Master Bedroom
BEFORE: Master Bathroom AFTER: Master Bathroom
BEFORE: Master Closet (unpainted) AFTER: Master Closet (antique white)
BEFORE: Master Bedroom from Office AFTER: Master Bedroom from office
BEFORE: Office AFTER: Office
BEFORE: Office from Inside AFTER: Office from inside
BEFORE: Bedroom 3 AFTER: Bedroom 3 (antique white)
BEFORE: Bathroom 2 AFTER: Bathroom 2 (antique white)
BEFORE: Bedroom 4 AFTER: Bedroom 4 (antique white)

And, lastly, here are some other pictures I made of the stuff I changed.

AFTER: Family Room opening into kitchen AFTER: Dining room & windows from French doors to kitchen AFTER: Family room bay window
AFTER: Family Room from kitchen opening AFTER: Where the Master Bed is going to go AFTER: Master bedroom; door to master bath
AFTER: Master Bath mirror from closet door (darker than reality) AFTER: Master "Loo" AFTER: Office from Master Bedroom